3 reasons you may want to counter an offer on your home

by Ghodsi Emambakhsh 03/03/2024

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After you receive an offer to purchase your home, determining the best course of action often can be difficult. Should you accept or push the homebuyer for more? Ultimately, it may be beneficial for a home seller to submit a counter-offer. So, knowing the reasons why a counter-offer may be suitable can help home sellers when on the journey to getting their property sold efficiently. 

A homebuyer's initial offer to purchase fails to match your expectations

Although a homebuyer's initial offer to purchase your residence fell below your expectations, you can always submit a counter-offer to find out if a buyer is negotiable. This way, you may be able to work with a buyer to find a middle ground price, suitable for all parties.

When it comes to selling a house, there is no harm in submitting a counter-offer. Remember, the worst response a home seller may receive to a counter-proposal is a simple “No.” And even in the worst-case scenario, a seller can move forward with the property selling journey and await an offer to purchase matching their expectations.

You are flexible about the price of your house

Some circumstances may make home seller’s more flexible on the price of their home. For example, if a home seller needs to sell quickly, they may price their home competitively and be more accepting of lower offers to get their property sold swiftly. 

You want to get the best-possible price for your residence

The goal of your home selling journey may be to obtain the best price for your home, regardless of the real estate market's conditions. Therefore, rather than accept or reject an offer to purchase, it may be beneficial to see if you can receive a better proposal from a buyer.

As you move along the home selling journey and review an offer to purchase, collaborate with a real estate agent. With a real estate agent at your side, you can receive plenty of guidance throughout the home selling journey. 

A real estate agent can help you list your residence and promote it to prospective buyers. They can set up home showings and open house events, as well as keep you up to date about any offers to purchase your residence. Then, when you receive an offer to purchase, you and your real estate agent can work together to determine how to proceed.

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